School of Mathematics and Statistics
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About The School

headWhen the Kenya Polytechnic started Mathematics and Statistics was a course offered in Applied Science Department. Later Mathematics, Statistics and Computation were removed so as to create a Department called Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Computation.
In 1988 Computation was separated from Mathematics and Statistics to create a department called Computer. Mathematics and Statistics were left out to constitute the department of Mathematics and Applied Statistics.
This department lasted until 1992 when it was dissolved and the courses taught under the department were taken to the Department of Applied Sciences. All mathematics lecturers were distributed to different departments of the Kenya Polytechnic where mathematics was offered as service courses.
In 2006 the Department of Mathematics was reconstituted again as Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
In 2010, the University College carried out a major reorganization and the School of Mathematics was created under the Faculty of Science and Technology. The New School consists of four departments namely: Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Technical and Engineering Mathematics and, Statistics and Computational Mathematics. Currently all the departments are operational
Currently the School has 18 teaching staff and one secretary. Two Members of staff hold PhDs, Eight holds Masters Degree and 7 hold a first degree. Most of the first degree holders have enrolled for Masters Programs. The School can therefore teach adequately both Diploma and Undergraduate courses.

You are here: Home >> About the School >> Brief History