School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

About The School

headWelcome to the website of School of Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences (SMAS) in TU-K. The Webpage provides you with excellent opportunity to navigate and chose from diverse subject areas in mathematics that are a manifestation in every aspect of our lives.
The page provide you with information on the academic and research environment for our undergraduate and postgraduate students in mathematics, statistics and actuarial sciences.
Our diverse mathematics programs are exemplary in content, as they draw from mathematics research, in depth deliberations and exploration resources that inspire students to explore the world of mathematics in a hands-on and exploratory way.
Our students are challenged by the courses in the programmes, enabling them to build problem solving skills into research-based problems, making the subject of mathematics an exciting content. Our Programmes in addition to building your ability to innovate, it will provide immeasurable propensity to pursue postgraduate studies.
The School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science at the Technical University of Kenya provides intellectual leadership in the mathematical sciences that has direct benefit to the industry and individual growth whilst retaining scholarship depth.  
Students in our programmes explore mandatory 3 months industrial experience,  securing them upon graduation a upper hand in obtaining placements in numerous industries such as Banking, government sector, universities, Metrological institutes, research institutes, health sector, energy sector.

About the School

School Mission Statement

To build a world class, enthusiastic and vigorous faculty in the broad spectrum of mathematics, statistics and actuarial science with the aim of achieving depth and originality in his or her contributions frontiers of discoveries in the real world of industry and society.

Specific goals are:

  • Objective 1: To provide relevant and Quality Sciences and Technological education and training that produce holistic graduates who are Scientifically grounded, innovative, creative and Practically Skilled.
  • Objective 2: To promote and engage in dynamic and interdisciplinary research and to provide innovative scientific solutions for the advancement of society
  • Objective 3: To provide quality academic and professional mentorship to students enabling them to meet the challenges of University programs
  • Objective 4: To initiate and develop strong internal and external synergistic partnerships and linkages for quality teaching, research and community outreach
  • Objective 5: To attract, mentor, motivate and retain high caliber academic and professional staff

The School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology anchors her objectives to the vision and mission of the Technical University of Kenya of producing individuals who are resourceful in the industry and society. Teaching of mathematics at the Technical University of Kenya, evolved from her predecessor institutions namely; the Kenya Polytechnic University College and the Kenya Polytechnic, who oriented the teaching exercise to the applicable mathematics that is geared towards solving practical problems in industry.

The School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science continue the tradition of promoting the application of mathematics in the solution of practical problems while not forgetting the advancement of the discipline of mathematics through research/project. The school provide flexible yet solid undergraduate and graduate programmes which challenge intellect, catering for diverse interests and complementation, particularly at the graduate level, our Program in mathematics rich robustness in emphasis on interdisciplinary content.
The school foster creativity and scholarship in the broadest possible interpretation in her 660 student’s population, when emphasizing technology use in problem solving in her modern computer laboratories.
Students in the school hugely gain from the university experience, by developing self-discipline and self-reliance, under appropriate supervisory conditions, by empowering creativity in our diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses development through projects.  The school has a dedicated academic team who are numbering 45, in addition to approximately 16 sessional and 6 administrative staff working with colleagues from other disciplines in the university, to share the responsibility of ensuring the flow of mathematics literacy to 15,000 Students in the university. The school conducts workshops, seminars, industrial learning, and exchange programs to her students in second year and third year mathematics and statistics programs, an opportunity that enables them pursue industrial based learning so as to connect with the needs of the industry.

The school offers six vibrant programmes in mathematics, statistics and actuarial science, hosted in the following three departments: Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computational Mathematics, and Financial and Actuarial Mathematics. The fourth department is Industrial and Engineering Mathematics which currently only offers teaching service in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. Experienced faculty members in the school called Academic Team Leaders (ATLs) offer academic leadership in the departments, they are holders of PhD degrees and are highly qualified in the relevant discipline.

Professional Bodies linkages
AIMS, Queen Elizabeth commonwealth Scholarship, SAMSA, KNBS, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission