School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics

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Academic Team Leader: Dr. Ben Obiero, PhD {Algebraic Geometry}                     Office: Block C, Room 21-1
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The Department of Pure and applied Mathematics (DPAM) is supported by 16 academic staff members offering teaching services to twenty undergraduate programmes containing approximately 60 units with diversity and richness of selections in the mathematical sciences units each trimester/semester.
The Department has additional 5 sessional faculty members with interests ranging over a wide area of mathematics, helping with teaching to all departments in the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology as a result of the ever-increasing need for the power of mathematics in science.
Programmes in the department are designed to cultivate technical skills using her resources for computational mathematics and a conceptual grasp of the underlying theory. Basic requirements in mathematics majors are complemented with a wide array of course electives and specialized options.
Students in undergraduate programmes may earn a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with specialization in either pure or applied mathematics. The Department is thus concerned with the broad and general, treatment of the discipline of Mathematics covering the fundamentals of the discipline and its application.
Pure Mathematics is usually concerned with the abstract concepts in mathematics aspects to end up finding applications with advancement of technology and dynamic nature of real life problems. The specialist fields of Pure Mathematics include analysis, algebra, geometry, and topology.
Applied Mathematics option is concerned with the application of mathematics in the solution of practical problems, to cover the application of mathematics in the solution of virtually all problems of a practical nature. Applied Mathematics has strong theoretical aspect of the discipline and attract considerable research questions in the real life problems.

The department offers the following programmes:
a)    Bachelors of Science in mathematics
b)    Masters of Science in pure mathematics
c)    Masters of Science in Applied mathematics, and
d)    PhD degrees in  Pure and Applied Mathematics